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Car: 2005 SRT4 ACR
Performance:  mopar stage 2 turbo upgrade,k&n intake and mopar blow of valve conversion mopar cat back exhaust msd 8.5 mm plug wires.tokiko struts. eibach lowering springs,
About Me
Style:  chrome injector cover and clear bumper lense and carbon fiber eyelids, ACR racing seats. 20% window tint, DC front and rear strut bar.CBD Carbon Fiber hood.
Views: 4837
Score: 87 Points from 19 votes = 4

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Gender: Male
Occupation: High School Student
City: Odenville

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2005 SRT-4 ACR

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why the *** would u get an EVO when u had and ACR?!

very nice 10 from me! its nice to see that people actually keep these cars clean! Check mine out!

whats up man i just found this site i didnt know u were on here im thre guy that bought ur hood few months back i love it man so hows the evo going

sweet srt i'm new the srt world i just got one today mine's red too srt4=sweetest car ever

sweet srt i'm new the srt world i just got one today mine's red too srt4=sweetest car ever

just check out turboneonstore.com, they have everything you'll need.

im sorry about all the problems you and everyone else have had with these hoods but there is not really anything i can do im just there sponcered car, yes my brother works there but i guess he cant really do anything either

In the pix your hood is a lot closer to orginal than mine, beleve me!@

Yes CBD screwed me too, I;ve called and they say they test the hoods and my fit 4-5 SRT. Bull Crap, I've taken it to 2 different body shops that say theres nothing you can do about the gap, the hood is TOO SMALL! I've freaking bought all my carbon fiber stuff from them and they are all TOO SMAll for being made for this car. Ya it is crap and if I ever go back to Cali I will make a visit to them in Oceanside. I tell people not to waste their money, but John and Rob both said bad things about the IPP2 CFH, which is what I wanted, but then I seen this one and not many people had so I got it and waited 3 months and its crap. post a closer pix of your gaps

Was moving a 67 mustang out of a garage to bring my srt-4 in to put hotchkis sway bars and traction bars on. The mustang was getting restored so no fuel lines were hooked up. I put some gas in a cap so I can put 4 drops into the carb. Well when I did the guy starts the engine while I was still pretty much on top of the carb and it backfired, went up my hand and I jerked back splashing the gas on my ear, neck, and hand. Was in flames for 45 seconds to a minute, and in westchester medical center burn unit for a month.
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