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Car: 2005 Dodge SRT4
Performance: No mods...Planning on keeping it stock...Broke College Student
About Me
Style: Anything I come up with that I think looks good...I really don't care what you think???
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Score: 29 Points from 7 votes = 4

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Gender: Male
Occupation: I work in a great hotel called Bellagio...I can't wait to get out of the casino industry...Going to school to become a paramedic/f
City: Las Vegas

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2005 Orange Blast SRT4

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i lyk da orange. gave u a 5. chek my syt out, i postd sum new pix up.

Lookin good, Love the Orange... hit mine up some time.~MxM

Just an FYI: The demand for the yellow SRT-4 was soo great, that Dodge decided to make a limited number in yellow for 2004. The number was 500. One of my friends had one and totaled it, so now there are 499 that I know of.

from Denver CO but I'm planning an LV trip here soon...i need a vacation haha

check my VIN ;) it's an '04 and from what the dealership & other SRT enthusiasts have stated, it's a rare find!

I'll hit you up at the bellagio soon! haha Nice SRT, you parked next to me?
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