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BLaKGoLD Stats
Car: SRT-4
Performance: I do not have any major upgrades yet, got the Injen Cold Air Intake, MSD Wiring, Stage one inejctors, Greddy Type S BOV, Eibach suspension, Short shifter, Custom made 3" exhaust.
About Me: Im a very easy going guy, I get along with anyone, I love thinking of wayz to make my car stand out, I love sexxy hot women,money and cars. One step at a time peoplez. peace.
Style: Custom Black Jet paint job, Gold Stipes, With the stryker body kit, blacked out taillights.
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Score: 50 Points from 9 votes = 5

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: Entrepreneur
City: Arizona

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No more Gold, I went ahead and made it all black. Let me know what you guys think. Im looking for the original SRT4 bumpers, Ill trade my bodykit for it.

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10 Last Member Comments

gave you a 10, you still trying to get rid of that body kit?

the good nice touch

i like your theme! the gold stripes and gold rims are hott!

thanks bro appreciated dude .yea man that bumper is sic keep it up dude ride cuming out sicc!!!!!

nice ride dude what kind of front bumper is that gave u a 10 bro good look on da bronze and black

nice ride man..black n gold looks good

thanks yours looks good to.... black srt you know it

gave you a 10. Nice ride and pictures..

your car looks clean looking too...keep it up

nice srt!!
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