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Car: SRT4
Performance: Stage 2 with toys, Boomba Racing BOV, Walbro 255 fuel pump, 3" Exhaust Depot exhaust, Mopar intake, Solid Motor Mounts, Short Throw Shifter, Stage 2 clutch, Hawk HPS brake pads, Powerslot slotted rotors, Oil Catch Can, Hotchkis front and rear sway bars, Front and rear strut bars, Hotchkis springs
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Style: Gloss black painted wheels, Tinted tail lights, Roof painted black, Fog lights painted yellow, Front bumper and cross hairs painted black, Fog light surrounds painted gloss black, 20% tint on windows
Views: 5535
Score: 55 Points from 8 votes = 7

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Gender: Male
City: Huntsville, Alabama

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2003 Silver Dodge SRT4

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Nice ride!!! I had a feeling you lived in Huntsville when I saw your main pic. I spent some time there a few years ago.

Gave you a 7. Your on the right track with the front. If you had a larger IC thats black, crosshair delete, and some more personality touches (stickers lol) then def a 10. Keep it up!

bad ***, gave u a 10


is your roof painted black too? its hard to tell. good looking car! 10

Love the front end...ill be painting my lip soon

whats up, it's cool to see another 2003 silver SRT-4 on here. the silver and black looks awesome, especially the blacked out cross hairs! i gave you a 10
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