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Car: 2004 Srt-4
Performance: I have never put it on the dyno so i dont really know any of the numbers its pushing. But if i were to estimate according to the mods i have on it, I would say 250whp and 270tq.
About Me: Currently attending college and working. I have my daily so this Srt is my weekend toy. Some people say "All go, F@#K Show" but honestly you gotta have both!
Style: (Sorry for the shitty pics, i used my Iphone) I have an electric blue srt with color scheme of mostly blue and black. These are my 2 favorite colors so it looks beast! for me at least. Bought it used 2 years ago completely stock and ive added all the acce
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Score: 132 Points from 24 votes = 6

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Income tax, insurance
City: Houston, Tx

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Mopar stage one springs, Mpx tension struts, MM race inserts, booger bushing, Mpx 52mm Throttle body, Agp Wastegate, AEM Short ram intake, HKS SSQ Bov, 3" custom catback exhaust resonator delete.

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dam bro. i love the blue and i love your rims. looking good, keep up the good work!

nice blue and blk combo!!!!

shes mean man keep up the good work

sick ride bro!

Sexy ride! Can i join ;)
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