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Car: '05 Dodge Srt-4
Performance: ACT Centerfold clutch and lightweight flywheel (650hp rated), AEM EMS, AGP custom ported DBB GT35R, AGP custom ported Exhaust Manifold, AGP 3" CAI, AGP Fuel kit w/ return line, AGP Race FMIC, ATP UPP w/ HKS Flange, B&B Full 3" Turbo-Back exhaust (3" High-flow cat dp), DPR Racing Stage VII Prototype Head, Driveshaftshop Stage 5 Axels, Fidanza adjustable cam-gears, Greddy Profec B Spec-II electric boost controller with remote, HKS SS QV Bov, LFS 60mm TB, MADDOG Racing 80% reduction Short Throw Shifter, Microlon Friction Reducer, Nitrous Express N2O kit with remote bottle opener and Purge kit, Ported Intake Manifold, RC Engineering 1000cc Injectors CP Custom Forged Polished & Coated Pistons
About Me
Style: Auto Meter Silver Line 30lbs Boost Gauge, Carbon by Design CF: hood/ trunk/ wortexgenerator/ front splitter/ radiator shroud/ foglight inserts/ injector cover, Custom Wide Body Carbonfiber Fenders, APR Performance Front Canards and GTC200 Wing
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Score: 323 Points from 54 votes = 5

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Business owner
City: Los Angeles

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My car is now a 2 years project still not seeming to finish...i guess u get used to any power you have and you just need to get some more:)

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I was so close to not getting that spoiler but now i want it baaaaad! Love the car absolutly a 10. I cant believe your rating is only 5?? Dang, ***. Go rate mine.


what up, i have u a 10! those after market carbon fiber fenders are sick! i love the bigger shape to them...can u tell me where you go them?

totaly sick ride,love this car,rated 10,would be interested how much $$$$ is in it ,I hope mine will be as cool as your's someday ,keep up the good work ,and by the way ,there is nothing wrong with more power...The Dustman

Do you have an email , i have a few things for sale i can send pics of

hey man long time no talk i live in vegas now really hard for me to race now that i bought a house but if u down to come to vegas for a weekend hit me up and mabey we can go race at spring moutain raceway

Bad@ss looking ride dude. I'll give ya a 10.

lookin goood,where did u get ur fenders and wing from, gave u a 9 rate mine too,dont really have eny :(


nice car whats your 1/4 time?
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