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Ky-Boost Stats
Car: 2004 Dodge SRT 4
Performance: . Mods are AGP waste gate, Greddy bov with hard pipe, Greddy e01 boost controller, cold air intake, larger intercooler, dual 3in cat back exhaust,18in ADR Rims, 6 disk cd changer, tinted tail lights, and eye lids.
About Me: Just got married on May 4th. Love my SRT-4 and also my YFZ 450 fourwheeler. Put a Athena big bore kit and hot cams on it.
Style: 2in Megan Racing lowering springs. Factory sub. Also hood scoop is opened to allow more air flow.
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Score: 8 Points from 1 votes = 8

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Gender: Male
Occupation: I own a zero turn company.
City: Sonora, KY

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2004 metallic silver and black SRT-4. It has 68k miles on it and some descent upgrades. I've wanted one since they rolled off the line. Pushing 15 psi but could handle more. Cant wait to get stage 3. LONG LIVE THE SRT-4!!

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