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LucasOne Stats
Car: 2005 SRT-4 ACR
Performance: 3" Injen Turbo back Exhaust with Down Pipe, 3" Injen Intake, Tial 50MM Blow-Off Valve, Tein S-Tech Springs, Tokico Adjustable Struts,17" Konig Feather Track Lite Rims, Hankook Ventus Sport K-104 Tires 225/45/17, Ingalls Stiffy Engine Damper,
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Style: Seibon CarbonFiber Hood, 9000K HID Head lights,
Views: 629
Score: 7 Points from 2 votes = 3

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Gender: Male
City: Ottawa

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I purchased the vehicle new in 2005 and been working on it slowly since. I am trying to do everything i can without pushing the limits of the warranty. After the warranty here comes the bigger turbo!

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Them carbon hoods are pricey, and yeah black is hard to keep clean but I love the way it looks. I might trade my hood, trunk, and spoiler with a friend who has a red SRT-4. Not sure if he still wanted to do that or not though, I think it'd look pretty cool on both our cars. I can't wait till I start gettin my pay checks though, then I can start the serious modding.

hey, like the color of your car man, might have to get stripes on mine with that color eh? I think you can get the Mopar Stage III turbo without ruining yer warranty.
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