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Car: 2004 SRT-4
Performance: It has a stage 3 turbo with toys, stage 3 racing clutch, short throw shifter, methenol injection, 3 inch exhaust from the turbo back with a ported downpipe, 3 inch front mount intercooler with sprayers, 3 inch cold air intake, dropped 1 1/2 inches in front and back, air/fuel ratio gauge, 30 psi boost gauge, oil temp. gauge, blow off valve.
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Gender: Male
City: Salt Lake City, Utah

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the wheels are actually painted eblue ....the rest of the wheel is a mercedes based gray w/ yellow flake to resemble cf......my hood and roof is painted with this same gray

thanks man im lovin the e-blue

nasty car..i wanna go for a ride in it!

no its a 64 chevy nova

well i liked it but got tired of the customers, i dont work there no more, i work now at a armored company, how about you? do like that job?

about 2 years ago, me and a truck met going around a corner at like 2mph in a parking lot(we couldnt see each other) and he got my fender. It rolled the fender in right behind the headlight and yes it did break the brackets on the backside. I am HOPEFULLY getting the body work fixed this spring. I would have done it sooner but i kept getting stupid problems that just seemed to keep getting more and more expensive.

I forgot to mention, nice color!!

Sorry man, it just vanished? Anyway, I said, that you car is looking really good and you have a very solid mod base in which to build on. How does it perform at the higher elevations? I used to live in Provo and loved it there, I am planning to be there this Summer but not bringing out the car dang it! Keep me posted on any new goodies. I hooked you up on your rating, keep up the good work!

they dont have the pin stripe, though that could be picked up locally pretty easily. the pin stripe goes on after the fat stripe anyways. they are a pita, but i think it's more just because it's a time consuming process. $30 and i'll ship them to you.

i got them from revolution motorsports. took them 7 months to get my order straight. and it cost me like $60. but i did get the extra set of black stripes in the mix, which are the ones i'm trying to sell.
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