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Car: 05' SRT-4 2.4L TURBO STAGE ?
Performance: MSD DIS-2, MSD wires, RFL BOV, ED Hardpipes, ATP Hard Pipe w/ RFL BOV, AGP WGA, TorboXS HPBC, Network13 return line kit, Zeitronx Wideband, SAFC-II, Boomba fuel rail, Raptor shift light, Mad Dog STS, Autometer UL mechanical oil/N2O/Fuel pressure gauges, Griffin Aluminum Radiator, BFMIC, Injen SRI, JMB catch can, PTPerf check valve, psiFi mounts, Edelbrock N2O (CUSTOM DUAL STAGE)wet kit, custom intercooler sprayer purge kit. billet bottle bracket, Dynotune bottle heater. LFS 60mm TB,
About Me: All work performed by me. Previous Auto parts store counter person, presently a degereed and certified conputer network tech. I've Been in to moding for 15 years, this is the culmination of my experiance and personal style.
Style: SRS Seats, Sunroof, 06' style SRT-4 badge, 25% tint, Kenwood/Audiobahn Sirius Satelight radio CD/MP3 system, Red PC valve cover, Goldline springs, Hotchkis Sways, DCSports front strut tower bar, PWerks rear strut tower bar. 18x8 HP Design HPR5 rims, 234
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Score: 154 Points from 31 votes = 4

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: Computer Tech
City: Broward County, FL

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Black 05' SRT-4 Daily Driver/Weekend Warrior A pictoral history bfom begining to present

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sup man, ur car is sick! i give you an 8, and i for sure dig the caliber/SRT-4 emblem on the back, thats what im gonna do too..

yo let me know about another meet.. for sure ill be there.. later dude

*** what happened to you wheel

Wassah Rob? Haven't seen you around in a minute. Have to catch up some time. Hope things are well. Take care! Oh and your gonna have to spray now to keep up HAHA! I gave you a vote as well homie.

where did you get that badge?

dude thats a bad *** fish tank omfg where did u get that lol jk anyways nice daily driver hahaha hp?? 1/4 mile??

bro for sure south fla srt's are sick ive seen some crazy ones. do u know of ne srt clubs down here?car looks great

lol....we talked be4..lo0ong ago....and my pics are 2 years old..i need 2 take new pics lol

car lookin good... where did u get the badge?

bro i love this photo album check mine out . did you do what i think you did to that rim! And the switchis by the E brake is sweet! man i had to give ya a 10. keep the pics comin.
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