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Car: Neon Srt-4
Performance: Stage 4 Clutch master racing Clutch, greddy 3" Catback Exhaust system along with 3rd pipe,mopar cold air intake,greddy blowoff valve,upgraded trans: added limited slip and 3/4 billit steel gear fork,Mopar short throw shifter,turbo timer,,dc Strut Bar,stage 2 AEM wastegate,Level 3 Mopar Racing CV Joints, Re-wired Fuel Mod.Water sprayer kit,180 stat, N2MB WOT Box 2 Step Launch Control & No Lift Shift. Removed the balance shaft.
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Style: My Style is basically suited up for Drag racing.
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Gender: Male
Occupation: Customs Broker
City: Belize City

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sold my silver now bought a blk one.

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check out boost leak testers at modern performance

of course that one came up tho! LOL

i hate this site, just wrote u a huge paragraph and it came up blank

whats up...its cool to see another silver 2003 SRT-4!
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