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Car: 2003 SRT-4
Performance: I borrowed a set BF Goodrich Drag Radials tires from a friend of mine in 06 and I managed to do 12.46 at 116mph. Since then I been running on street tires my average is low 13's to mid 13's, but I manage to do 12's twice, 12.98 and 12.96. I still haven't run it with my latest upgrades I will update when I run. I have never dyno my car yet, but I think I sould be aroung 320 to the 330 to the wheels with 93 octane and around 360 to 375 in the 100 octane mode.
About Me: I love Basketball, I like people who build their car nice, don't like ricers.
Style: Mopar Stage 3R kit Mopar CAI ED Beast Intercooler MPX Throttle Body-n-Spacer Granatelli Spark P. Wires DC Sport Strut Bars R.F.R. Rear Diffuser BC Adjustable Coilovers Wilwood BBK 5Zigen Racing Wheels Stage 3 Cluthmaster CL
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Score: 20 Points from 4 votes = 5

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Automobile Technician
City: Orlando

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Hello, I bought this car brand new back in 03, I didn't begin working on it right away, I started little by little. My first mod was a K&N cold air intake, then like a year later I added a custom exhaust system and a Mopar Stage 1 upgrade and a manual boost controller, also got Progress lowering spring, front and rear DC strut bars. Then by 2005 I was able to afford major mods, at that time I was checking the APG .50 trim kit, the ATP kit, the Hahn RaceCrafth kit and the Mopar Stage 3R. After doing some research I was between the Hahn kit or the Stage 3R, I went with the Stage 3R and beleive me it's still and was the best choice I made. I still enjoy it now, it was a nice bolt on kit, no tuning required, I installed myself. It's like a stock car except when you open the throttle. That was in the summer of 05. From there I kept adding more bolts on little by little again, like engine and tranny mounts spark plugs wires etc. I upgraded the swaybars I got Eibach. By Christmas 05, I got the Clutchmaster Stage 3 clutch along with the Mopar LSD, got it install by Jan. 06. I forgot to mention in 2004 I got some used but nice set of Enkei wheels with tires, I also installed by then a set of Powerslot Rotors too. In 06 I got the exhaust depot Beast intercooler, and a MPX throttle body with spacer and a Mopar cold air intake. In 07 I got a Vibrant Performance turboback exhaust system and a Ramsey Family Racing rear air diffuser. I forgot to mention that I also have had a nice sound system which I carried over from my previous car, I upgraded it recently to reduce weight. Now I have a 5 chan. Kicker amp with a 12' Bazooka sub. Recently in Oct. 08 I sold my Enkei wheels and installed a set of 5Zigen 17x8 35mm offset racing wheels along with a set of BC coilovers and a Wilwood big brake kit. I got say handling and braking are phenomenal now. I love and enjoy this car as much as the first day I drove it off the dealer. I will get more detailed pics of the engine and interior soon.

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What size are your tires, gave u an 8

Slick looking ride man!

Slick looking ride man!

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