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Car: 2004 SRT4
Performance: K+N Typhoon Cold Air Intake Mopar BOV Mopar Stage 2 Turbo Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs
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Style: HID Headlight 6000k Powder Coated the Stock Rims 4 Now...19' rims in the Future Mopar Taillights Painted Side Mirrors
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Score: 887 Points from 162 votes = 5

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Gender: Male
Occupation: I have 1...

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Everyone needs 2 watch this srt video... it blows my mind! watch 2 the end http://videos.streetfire.net/video/wm/6756BCC6-F6FA-485A-A5C4-55FD4DC9B9A0.htm

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nice,but u should of went for MTX thunder 9500 its like the same price better louder and unblowable, ive been in stereo car audio for 8 years now and never seen a better product like mtx.

dude the rims look sweet, loved the video

love the red

white rims look hot!

ya i dont have any idea how im still breathing, but i plan on getting another one maybe go black but i keep busy by helping my brother with his srt youve talked to him booster 4 thats my twin

I like..

thanx bro ,, i dont got the front bumper is stock im just going to get the lip

i watched that vid.pretty crazy shit

thanks man i like your color sceme that looks awsome.whats the 19s going to look like?

nice wheels white on red
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