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Rma8589 Stats
Car: Dodge SRT-4
Performance:  I just put on a Turbo XS Type-H RFL BOV in it and Motegi FF7 rims also tint....more to come
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Style:  SRT-4
Views: 2477
Score: 42 Points from 9 votes = 5

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Gender: Male
Occupation: I work with my dad's friend doing electric....make about $10-15 an hour...thats about it......my myspace URL is http://www.myspace
City: South Amboy, NJ

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2005 Srt-4

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10 Last Member Comments

yeah dude where u get the push start ***?

hey. where did you get the starter thing.

what rims u geting ???? and turbo timer??? show me pics....give me a link 2 c them.

nice car too bro.. im from howell

don't think i was in sayerville...but always at outback lol...i'll message u on myspace....ohh..don't ever park in that little lot furthest away from outback...people always break into car(they got mine 2months ago,2200 damage)

nice car. i love black. i got my blinker covers on ebay. look under 04 neon they fit the srt also. thanks for checking out my car later.

Nice car too. Teterboro is up by Giants stadium.
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