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Car: 2005 SRT-4
Performance: Pretty much stock at this point. Injen intake, Mopar plate, Granatelli spark plug wires, and exhaust. That is all for now. Much more planned!
About Me: I love SRT-4's. They always caught my eye since they first came out. I finally got one! I could care less if it is a "neon".
Style: I cannot take credit for the checkered photoshopped picture of my car. I got this from another member from another site.
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Score: 62 Points from 10 votes = 6

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Gender: Male
City: Boise, Idaho

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I just bought my car about 8 months ago. I have done a few minor things to the car. I have lots of plans for it. Pretty much all performance. I love the way it looks so I will not be doing any other exterior modifications at this point.

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clean srt mayn..ill rate you a 10 .. rate mine.

yeah no kidding, maybe we could meet up one day and go on a boost run

nice stripes man, im gonna get black ones too..i gave you a 10

Sweet clean SRT man, keep it up, hope you enjoy it as I enjoy mine!

thanks dude your car looks real nice too

Thanks for the comment (even though i accidentally deleted it). your car is coming along nicely, i love the white.

Your car looks good too! White really looks good on srts.

dude what kind of lowering kit u got??? Im lowering my ride this summer rate u a 9 rate mine

yo your car is sick lookin..looks like mine..take the spoiler off and the stripes and youll be good!
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