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Car: 04 SRT-4
Performance: agp direct fit front mount i/c, agp hard pipes, HKS SSQV bov, weapon R sr intake, k&n air filter, hahn 20g turbo kit, AEM ems, Mopar Stage 2 kit no toys, Crower Camshafts and connecting rods, Wiesco pistons, Mogul bearings, AEM Tru-boost, AEM wideband, MSD plug wires and cap, NGK iridium spark plugs, Tein H-tech springs, Modern Performance mpx 3in tb exhaust, Duralast ceramic brakes, ACT 6 puck clutch pack and flywheel, AGP solid motor mounts, AEM oil pressure gauge, RC 750cc injectors, Walboro 255lph fuel pump, OBX fuel rail
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Style: tryin to keep the stock look but love the look of the carbon fiber eyelids, LED tail lights, TEIN H tech springs, front SRT badge and polished direct fit front mount
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Gender: Male
City: Salt Lake

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2004 neon srt-4 2.5l turbo

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Keep the wheels on the ground!

Keep the wheels on the ground!

very nice bro
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