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Car: 04srt4
Performance: 50trim turbo,racemount intercooler,dtec,3in intake,methynol injection,3in magnaflow exhaust,rc injectors,upgraded fuelsystem,upper hardpipe & bov,willwood brakes,dss axles,dc strut bar,b&m short throw shifter,etc.
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Style: carbon fiber hood and trunk,custom orange ostrich leather interior,wings west bodykit,19 in rims,black led taillights,custom paint all house of kolor,4 7in screens, custom 3-d tribal fiberglassed trung ,12in memphis sub, all memphis components (amp,tweets
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Score: 129 Points from 24 votes = 5

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Gender: Male

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gave you a 9 simply cuz that good of a paint job deserves a better BK imo. maybe a Vader or Stryker. To each his own bro. Keep it up!

Stock headlights still?? paint job so well done though, and the other touches like hvac,tach,and seats.

bro that thing is siick... are those doors direct bolt ons or welded, also, can u give me a quick guide on how u put them on?? im looking at this direct bolt on kit, but i dont wanna get involved in it if i have to do any cutting or messing with the wires. thanks bro

I love airbrushing but i aint feelin it on this job. Nice work though. Love the custom dash.

haha..that thing is crazy....not too much a fan of airbrushing...but do appreciate the time/labor....i like the door tv's..and the hvac piece.....not too much a fan of the stereo..kind over the top...but hey..if theres any car on here that'll pull it off its urs...i assume u do this type of work for a living??? where do u live?

thanx those are hot you should put up more pics with them

car looks good what rims are those in the main pic

nice paint job and nice paint job on the interior part but u should get different rims so i gave u a 8

NIce paint job, i am planning to do something on mine please let me know were to get a nice job like yours and how much it cost. Thanks!!!

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