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Car: Dodge Srt-4
Performance:  stage 3 with toys, borla exhaust, AEM cold air intake, rfl bov, 225/45/18 nittos with HD spinout wheels . Drilled and slotted rotors, carbon fiber mirrors,carbon fiber fog light covers,B, C pillars,carbon air induction hood, carbon fiber eyelids,zappa 60mm throttle body, jmb upper/lower pipe,port and polished powder coated manifold also bored out to 60mm,powder coated valve cover, jmb transmission cover,mopar short shifter, rolled rear bumper, 10.4" drop down screen, screamon demon coil pack, iroduim spark plugs and crane wires, AGP Dogbone Engine,and transmission mounts,custom painted interior with added fabric, 7 color undercar led lights, blue under seat and in vent leds, xm radio, Kicker L5, JL audio all around speakers, 35% tint,vent guards, cuda stripes. MT slicks on pt sleelies,PTP intercooler,QTP electric cutout DP, water injection kit,Hotckins lowering springs.
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Gender: Female
City: NC

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i throgh u selling some parts!

HOW MUCH?????????


Nice joob, really I like it...

nice srt.. gave u a 10

nice srt.. gave u a 10

i was trying to find out where you got the powder coated manifold.

hey nice car im thinking that my next one will be a blue one i didnt really understand the interior at first i thought well thats a little feminine and then i noticed your a girl lol ill rate a 9

new pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

flip flop very easy. scorpinok69@hotmail.com is my e-mail if you want instructions i'll be more than gladly to send them to you. thanks for the complement and you have my favorite color for the SRT-4 but very had to get when they fist came out up here so i settled with silver. check my page out again the mods will be there.
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