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Car: SRT-4
Performance: Spearco Intercooler, AGP Boost Actuator, Perrin Turbo Back Exhaust, Perrin Short Ram Intake, Turbo XS Dual Stage Boost Controller, RC Injectors 750 CC, TEIN S-Springs, Greddy Blow Off Valve
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Style: American Racing 926, Carbon Fiber Fog Covers, Carbon Fiber Hood, Carbon Fiber Eyelids, Carbon Fiber Adjustable Lip, Carbon Fiber Trunk, Carbon Fiber Wing
Views: 7936
Score: 134 Points from 27 votes = 5

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Gender: Male
City: MiaMi

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10 Last Member Comments

hey bro nice srt love tha carbon what brand of hood do u got and where did u get it at deff gave u at 10* check out minez and rate plzz thanks dude

i love the carbon man! your car looks really good!

nice ride

sick ass car man!!!!

I think the open front with the Intercooler is just damn awesome looking. I'm liking your ride. GJ

very nice that cars sick

hey how does that exhaust sound? btw...you should so be rated higher than me...

i love those wheels. nice pics...great srt

may just be the sickest blue srt ive ever seen love the blue on black keep it up man

new pics!
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