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jayduece Stats
Car: srt 4
Performance: stock turbo, bigger fmc, injen cold air intake, agp wastegate, obx hot n cold side hoses, obx radiator hoses, ngk spark plugs, greddy catch can
About Me: been i killeen my whole life n just recently moved out here to austin tx..i like other owners of tha srt n to work on my car wheneva i have a new mod..
Style: gloss black hood, eyelids, grill cut out, custom evo wing w/ carbon inserts made to fit the srt
Views: 3108
Score: 71 Points from 11 votes = 6

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: full time student
City: austin

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brought my srt in january of this yeer bone stock..will be soon goin with a silver/flat black theme for tha car shortly when i get some cash..

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Gave you a 9. That tint on the rear is good touch. I wonder if you could find a evo with a srt spoiler and take pics side by side! something balck with the front and it be a ten in my book. Keep it up!

hey dude sexy srt4 keep up tha great wrk on it deff gave u at 10* if u have a chance can u rate minez tell me whatcha think

Nice car, gave u a 10...

nice car man

Thanx man. i gave you a 10 as well. Clean ride....

thanks bro gave u a 10 to car lookn great!!!1

ay thanx a lot bro, your ride is clean lookin too. keep it up g, peace.

thanks bro, your srt is a sweet clean ride

no problem man......hey i didnt know you had an srt. im about to upgrade to a twin turbo set up, 2.6 liter full race block, and a stage tranny fully built. with those up grades i will be one of the faastest or the fastest srt around there....lol. im trying to beat jd....stay in touch homie..

i got them from www.wheelsnext dot com, free shipping and no taxes. no the only come in gun metal, black and crome.
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