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kbosch5 Stats
Car: 2004 SRT 4
Performance: Hahn 20g boosting 23lbs, Big Fmic, Open Turbo, Turbo XS BOV, Boost controller, DC front and rear strut bars, Prothane inserts, stage 1 computer, short throw shifter, Tein springs, Aem Wideband, rc 650 injectors, Safc Neo, Walbaro 255 fuel pump.
About Me: Porn Star
Style: Hahn 20G
Views: 7284
Score: 258 Points from 41 votes = 6

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Porn Star
City: Nashville

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rated you a 9! looks sick..please rate mine.


I like the full stripes but decided to tone it down a little with mine. Driving a 'racing red' srt is bad enough. Like the blue but they did not have it in 03 when I got mine!

im gettin black stripes, but they are gonna go all the way to the cross.

im gettin black stripes, but they are gonna go all the way to the cross.

any pics of the engine bay?

car is lookin good man. how are you liking that 20g? im gonna sell mines and get the darrell cox twin turbo set up with the 2.6 stroker block

hey!! where did u get the spoiler from??

hi man i have a custom exhaust its no name it looks just like the mopar one but biggerrr and it works good and if you go on ebay you will see it its only $330 and my gate i also got off ebay i just did so mods to it and it will hold up to 30psi and it is only $89 if you need let me know and i will give you my number and you can call and get all the info for free from me.

well i now have the hahn 20g set up with 750cc injectors and my motor is done in side cams pistons head ported and i am running 430 hp at 25psi i dont drive it hard at all more for show but it will go to help run get a electric turbo and put it on your intake you will get a nice smooth sounding motor
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