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nemisis Stats
Car: 2004 Dodge SRT-4
Performance: Stage 1 ecu, ptp ecu strap, aem cia, grready catch can, stg 2 wga, hard pipes w/hks ssqv, screamin deamon coil with firewires, home made coil heatshield, mopar cat delete pipe w/magnaflow exhaust, street motor mount inserts, chrome f.i. cover and soon to be chrome p/s cap/ rad cap/ rad overflow cap/ clutch master cap/ washer cap and oil cap.
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Style: 7" panasonic cd/dvd, playstation 2, x-box, rockford fosgate amp and sub in a box tucked into the spare tire well for a clean trunk space and keep weight light, special die cast model that looks like my ride.
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Score: 69 Points from 15 votes = 4

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Gender: Male
Occupation: mechanic
City: Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

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Vertical doors, flip/flop trunk, pure white neon undercar w/remote, blue neon interior lighting, blue led inerior light, blue guages, gloshift boost guage, dakota digital boost & volt in a-pillartribal flame grafic, painted fog surrounds, 20 different light/flash pattern LED's to shine on the rim not in the fender well, hotchkis tvs1 springs and sways w tokico illumina struts, mopar rear tension bars, dc strut bar bracesled rear 3rd and tails, 8,000k h.i.d.s, clear corners, mopar sts, modern performance shift ball, blue led cup holders, speedhut havc control overlay, a'pexi turbo timer, road runner "beep beep" horn, rolled rear bumper and more coming when winter is done.

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nice graphics dude ...

Nice car... yeah where did you get the ac surround? I need a new one.

Nice car... yeah where did you get the ac surround? I need a new one.

i agree with the other dude MTX is way better.

nice decals and gauges,where di u get thosde gauges, dont mean 2 be rude but u should of went with MTX instead of {URL} soo into stereos and go into competitions so i know a thing or two of stereos lol.

Love the motor...nice and clean...where are you getting all the chrome caps? Or are you having them chromed? I ordered that trunk flip kit a few days ago...so i'll letcha know how it turns out.

where did you get your gauges and your up pipe w/ your bov

I love what you have done with it. I want that door kit!!

wow nice ride like that u did with it like the trunk to sweet man 10 from me and where u get ur dash tv?

how hard was that trunk to do i know it's a kit but i was just wondering...
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