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richards Stats
Car: srt4
Performance: only have a cold air intake and moprar stage 2
About Me: love srt's and stereos
Style: my style
Views: 1111
Score: 2 Points from 2 votes = 1

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Gender: Male
Occupation: car audio tech.

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red neons,custom decals on side,with some eye lids

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10 Last Member Comments

Nice car bro. i really like the lights especially! Go rate mine!

Nice ride man. Do you have a sound clip of your exhaust?

Nice ride man. Do you have a sound clip of your exhaust?

what's up dude, is that guy on here with that evo a dumbass or what? lol. good luck with your future mods...with what u have now i would recommend u get exhaust or an intercooler next...thats what my plans are, lata

yes ur right a stock evo there is a fq340 evo 8 thats stock that pruces around 400 hp at the crank, But I have been on here for almost 3 years there at first it was funny 2 see an evo in number#1 on an srt-4 site.....thats why I am on here,,,But you are the first one to really give me any *** on here...read the comments before all of yours

Hey man 4 real,,,,show me one srt-4 0n this site that comes anywhere close to my DSM.

Funny *** mate! Your srt-4 stock from a roll thats some funny ***! Your srt only produces 238 hp at the crank. what the *** have you been smoking? The stock evo is like a beast from *** when it comes to imports there is way an mopar like NO CAR!!!!!! The most pwr that can be put to an srt-4 is around 465 wheel hp, then the dmn car spins for 100 feet. what a joke! You might want to know what your talking before talking!

Hey man,,,I own my own car audio shop called pro-audio,,,,,,This system is not intended for spl, its intended for sound quality......and let me tell you I know this site is for Srt-4's but the Evo-8 is a victor over the srt-4, And every owner of an srt-4 knows it. I want to see your srt-4 run the quarter in 10 seconds flat all day,,like my evo can do.....check out my car audio website at {URL}, my head unit is a permier and I have the digital sx one 2500x4 and 2000x2, My high if you put a crystal glass on the dash board with an opera song playing when the high notes hit the glass shatters,,,,my system sounds like the artist is playing live in your back seat....Now thats some serious sound son....

thx...what's up with your ride?

Look @ you talking this & that ,,but you do not have ***.....Keep your comments 2 ur self, ***!
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