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shiby304 Stats
Car: 2004 SRT-4
Performance: Stg3 Mopar W/toys, QTP elec Cutout, Mopar BOV, Ult CAI, Light Batt, Drilled/vented Rotors, Catch can, STS, Booger Bushings, MSD Ign Coil, NGK Plugs, Tein springs, MM incerts, WOTBOX W/Step2. , CM Stg4 clutch W/Alum Flywheel, JMB hardpipes, 62MM TB, PTP Checkvalve, TC BFMIC, SS brake lines, Poly LCA bushings..Home made retrofits headlights and foglights, CF hood, and more
About Me: Love wrenching, have done it *** near all my life. and now I do it to serve my country... This car is alot of fun on the Autobahn!!
Style: AVS spoiler lip HID Xenon Headlight kit 6000K and 6K foglights M3 Style side mirrors Aluminum “SRT-4” running boards Headlight “eyelid” Fog light with parking lights mod Transmission cover Window tint 5% Euro tails (smoked black) debagged trun
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Score: 61 Points from 11 votes = 6

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Gender: Male
Occupation: MiL

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I have had this car for about 4.5 years now, the longest i have ever owned any one car. And it just keeps getting better..

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hey man really nice srt4 good job on everything ur doing gave u a 10* if u have a chance stop by minez and rated thanks dude

nice ride gave u 9 rate mine

wassup homie...you have no idea what plans i have for my srt-4! lol It takes lots of $$$...how does that wotbox w/step2 work exactly? later

wow i just wrote u a whole paragraph and it came up blank, this site has its bad days lol

what up, nice srt-4! i gave u a 10! how do u like your WOTBOX W/Step2???

whats up
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