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shyboy Stats
Car: Dodge SRT-4 2004
Performance: -AEM Cold Air Intake System, -Msd Ignition -Carbonfibre Hood
About Me
Style: -Custom side graphics, -Underbody neons, -Interior neons,pioneer 7''dvdplayer and screen 1-12''MTX Thunder9500 with custom SPL Box(2000W), -2 Kenwood Excellon Amplifiers 1600watts each . -1-1000watt Kenwood amplifier for the 4 speakers. -4 capacitat
Views: 3098
Score: 75 Points from 16 votes = 5

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: store owner
City: Geraldton,Ontario Canada

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2004 Dodge SRT-4 2.4L Turbo

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hey mang nice srt4 nice setup love tha hood gave u at 10* rate mines when u have a chance tell whatcha think

Totally sweet!!!! 9 :)

Contrasting colors looks nice. Keep it up.

Real different color I like it. I had an MTX boxed sub and it ripped apart and it wasen't a cheep box either so I went with the Rockford sub to fit in the box cuz it's 0.8 cubic thats why and I don't compete in sterio comps it's just enough for the movies to sound like being in the hteater lol. Thanks for the coments.

nice ride. yeah just added the new pic of my car and will bee adding the pics of the interior real soon.

Nice car man. Thanks for the comment on my page. Keep up the great work.

Nice ride...like your decals too...maybe not my color, but nice style at least :)...i got my wing from carbon by design, the fender is custom made, am making them now, once they will be ready i'll send u a message if you want to buy a set...

looks goog mine has been apart for almost a year but will be done within the next month


looking sweeet,keeep it up,u should put a big turbo on that baby.
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