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slvrsrfr Stats
Car: stage3 srt-4
Performance: just dropped the stage 3 in her with the strut bars and sway bars. bushings kit sts 3in exhaust tons more :P and more to come :D
About Me: used to do bmx was sponsored by DC for a few years. decided to join the military at 17 plan on retiring at 38
Style: sleek/sexy look fierce but enough to make ur jaw drop with awe.
Views: 5979
Score: 262 Points from 35 votes = 7

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Gender: Male
Occupation: parachute rigger/u.s. army
City: clarksville

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AEM cold air intake,MPX big FMIC.stg 3 with toys mopar strut bars. eibach sway bars.bushings kit. maddog sts.powder coated valve cover.trinity tuner

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wheres your stripes?!

Excellent work on the car, like your color scheme.

Take me for a ride. Lol

Hot ride :)

sweet car man love the rims and the grille especially after the fmic. is that a modern performance? looks good
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