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srt4ryan Stats
Car: 05 srt-4
Performance:  aftermarket airflter greddy full auto turbo timer
About Me
Style: custom powder coated wheels (fire engine red)
Views: 2400
Score: 34 Points from 8 votes = 4

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: orderfiller for walmart
City: Columbus, ga

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black 05 stock srt

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10 Last Member Comments

The red rims are hot! very different and a head turner for sho!

Why not!

Very different & unique with the red rims.

Yeah I was thinking about that. I'm planning to get it for my ride for free from my sponsor. Thanks for the comment.

thank you for ur comment i aprreciate it very much your car is looking really nice too! i love the differnt ideas everybody has and your rims are SICK!

nice! i like them they will stand out from FAR away! good job

thats sick... im about to do my wheels black... what kind of paint did u use? i was thinkin of usin engine enamel

no problem... hey what did u use on the rim? powder coat? or home made status?

Crazy Red rim! Nice

Got the emblem at http://www.kustomatix.com/ Im interested to see the rims mounted on the car, should look cool.
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