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Car: srt-4
Performance: E1 Turbo, Ported Exhaust Mani, Mopar stage 1, Mopar short throw, Mopar catback, Mopar stage 2 injectors, ERZ 3" down pipe, Maxxfab 3" o2housing, AGP motor mounts, AGP wastgate, AGP return line, Walbro 255, Exhaust Depot hard pipe kit, Apexi S-AFC 2, Apexi turbo timer, AEM short ram intake, AEM Wideband, AEM boost digital gauge, XsPower Intercooler, Xspower catch can, Eibach springs pro kit, Fidanza flywheel, Clutch Master Stage 4, Turbo Xs rfl bov, NGK cold spark plugs, Stoptech slotted rotors, Hawk Pads, MSD wires MSD tach adaptor....ill smoke you :P
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Gender: Male
City: Boca Raton

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red black rims

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nice ride rate mine rate u a 8

Viiic! the car is looking good man, AND running mpst importantly :p


Your srt is clean all the way around!

gave you a ten bro , car looks bad*ss, hey just a quick question,how do you have your bov installed? like the vaccume lines? im havin a bit trouble with mine, no sound comes out only fluttering :(

Lookin' Good. Broward SRTs are the best lookin in the country!

Gave you a 10 bro, Flame on reds are the best!!!

Yeah the clutchmaster 4 is good, but i personally think it's too hard, i prefer the new ACT, it almost feels like stock and it's very comfortable even in traffic, not speaking of on the track you have a better feel of the torque controll...but i guess that's just my personal preferance:)

Well build your motor first!!! I know there are guys running 50 trims on stock internals, but i really really don't recommend it! Get a good Standalone fuel computer or a piggyback, i used to have the Dtec fuel comp with my 50trim and it was working gr8, but it's not like a standalone... Get the AGP fuel kit...makes everything safe even with nitrous, but if you start running stuff like me and do a whole head job as well, make sure you get dual pumps so your nitrous won't run out of juice:) Get a good clutch...u'll need it for sure and start looking into some axels if you plan on using slicks or dragradials. Check my current modlist for some more ideas, but i think these are the most important ones.

i not sure i thought about getting a lightweight flywheel when i got the stage 2 clutch but my pockets got a little tight so i dont know but thanks for the sugesting that
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