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Car: 2005 Dodge SRT 4
Performance: AGP engine mounts, AGP wastgate, AEM short ram intake, Turboxs RFL BOV, Greddy oil catch can, Stage 1, NGK iridium plugs, ATP breather filter (turbo filter lol), turned boost up to 17lbs. New......needswings dp w/no cat, coldfussion wet nitrous kit, mopar STShifter w/bogger bushing, walbro 255 fuel pump, fuel rail with sharater valve off of an 04, newer......turboxs duel boost controller set at 20lbs of boost for street and 15lbs for nitrous, hahn port fueler system, clutchmaster stage 4 clutch, and m/t slicks w/ pt cruser steal wheels 15".
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Style: eibach pro springs, pvo stickers, euro style shorty antenna, 8500k HID blue HLDs. kong 17" forged rims. 5% tint all around, led black tail lights
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Score: 338 Points from 60 votes = 6

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Gender: Male
City: New Iberia

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SRT4 NO MORE! SOLD! Guess its time to delete my page. :( 13.49 @ 102.56 as of 4/5/06, new times coming with all new goodys 10/14/06!!! well not as good as i hoped, 13.22 @ 109, gotta get used to the slicks 2.0 60. 109 is good for mid to low 12s like i want

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sick bro love the whip

what is your asking price?

very nice

that nitrous purge is awesome!

awsome looking car to bad selling but understandable i'm struggling right now but making it but still very nice car

thanks for the info. i love the hahn 20g set up. big turbo that spools pretty quickly. when the boost hits, it hits hard. you will like it!

hey where did you get you HID kit from?

nice car, kid!!

I dont acutally want nitrous, just for the purge kit you got. Super nyce im givin you a 9

That bad A** lookin car! NICE!
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