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surfin Stats
Car: 2004 blue srt4
Performance: stock
About Me
Style:  rear power windows, surf sticker and get out of jail free sticker lol, clear sides, custom sub, and some other paint shit here and there
Views: 2974
Score: 56 Points from 11 votes = 5

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: Construction
City: annandale

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ahh its a blue srt..

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thats tight man how you have to kickers in the back....i always wondered if it was possible now i know it is....now i can sleep at night and not having to think if it is possible....give you an 8 man...check mine out when you get a chance..

hey great work w the power rear windows mabye one of my future investments now ill rate you a 7 be sure to rate me too!

thats nice bnut how did u get the rear windows to fit the power reg ulator motor for the auto windows

Looks like you got a blue one. Nice.
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