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trix2004 Stats
Car: 2004 srt-4
Performance: everything has been upgraded from suspension to to drivetrain
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Score: 81 Points from 14 votes = 5

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Mason
City: Tabernacle

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2004 srt4 w/ 25000 miles hardley driven been working on it since first purchased SELLING MY CARBON FIBER FENDERS HIT ME UP

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10 Last Member Comments

*** aight. thanks. Very nice car by the way

Are you still selling those carbon fiber fenders?

whats the name onthe hood

thanks man, but hey, did u have to do any fender rolling, wire extending or grinding at any point?

bro that thing is siick... are those doors direct bolt ons or welded, also, can u give me a quick guide on how u put them on?? im looking at this direct bolt on kit, but i dont wanna get involved in it if i have to do any cutting or messing with the wires. thanks bro

very nice

thanks for the love..do you know where i could find more carbon dress up for my engine....

nice ride bro thanks for da comment gave u 10 dude ...

Dam that sux..how did u get a hold of them?

hey man sweet ride..the bottom is 2 tone but im workin with someone to see if we can make a cbf mold 4 it...anyways those are sick lookin headlamps where in the world did u find them? let me know thanks
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