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valeriek Stats
Car: 05 SRT-4
Performance: In the works of rebuilding the motor in December with .020 overbore, crower rods, JE pistons 8:5:1 compression, new gaskets, ported head with origional crower stage 2 cams, TI springs and retainers, UR adjustable cam gears, DCR goodies, and lots more! Prothane suspension bushings Needswings Downpipe w/ Ecutout Mopar Front/Rear strut braces Progress front/rear sway bars Turbonetics pressure pipe w/ raptor BOV and AGP BOP PTP Hotside pipe, charge pipe, 3" o2 housing Mopar Stage 3 Coilovers ED Superbeast FMIC Stage 2 w/o toys Fully built Motorsports race ported intake manifold, turbo, and exhaust manifold. Turbo/exhaust manifold ceramic coating. Greddy Catch Can Mopar short throw shifter Clifford 3.5 RSX alarm w/ remote start Screamin Demon coil w/ 8.5 Crane Firewires. JMB purple Ultimate intake Black Wilwood big brake kit drilled/slotted. AGP billet upper, lower, and tranny mounts. Lorenzo throttle body with powdercoated adapter Mopar exhaust Dynod 276hp/307tq
About Me
Style: Wings west 15piece body kit. Alpine in dash DVD player with touch screen Purple shift knob. 30% tint Clear Sidemarkers with LED tail lights lights Two staged purple metallic flake powdercoating on the Intake manifold, valve cover throttle body adap
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Score: 191 Points from 38 votes = 5

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Gender: Female
Occupation: Working on my car :)
City: Silverdale, WA

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05 SRT-4 Metallic Silver

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Love the purple...sweet ride!

where can i find this kit

nice kit. that the first time i have seen that kit before. looks very good!

that body kit reminds me of a sti.

thanx i should have full pics in a week when its put all back together

like the kit what kinda rims?

nice kit !

I've said it before and i'll say it again, there's nuthing sexier then a chick who dumps money into her SRT-4! the body kit looks awesome girl!

nice car. let me know when you throw the flake in. it shold look sweet.

did you see the differance with the ported out turbo and stuff because that is what i was going to do or i was going to get the super stoke turbo
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