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Car: stg3 srt4
Performance: Stage 3 with toys, 30 psi gauge, 3inch stage 3 02 housing, AGP stage 3 WGA, GMR tranny mount, AGP motor mounts, wires/cool plugs, Needswings electronic Downpipe, Borla Catback, CCA Intercooler with Slowboy Crash Bar, JMB Up pipe/ Greddy S BOV, JMB EBlue cold air Intake, 180 tstat, Check Valve..harder motor mount bolts..bwoody eblue catch can
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Style: One of only 25 GRIP see through hoods....one of only two cf elw wings.......cf fenders, painted roof, 19's, kaminari lip painted and sideskirts, one of few cf crosshairs....custom tinted lights all around....lots of cf .....and meticulous attention to det
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Score: 877 Points from 137 votes = 6

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Environmental Scientist
City: Old Bridge

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Hello..i bought this car new w/ 1 mile in 2004...right now i have 60k on it....It was my daily driver until jan 09. kinda did the whole racer thing at first..now its about carshows.....I'm not stopping until its' magazine quality..... {URL} NEW PICS!!!! .....and yes..that's a see throught hood...no photoshop

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Nice ride love the hood and all that ***.10

nice ***!

Sickest blue and black SRT ive ever seen! And my fav cause i have the same color scheme going on.

absolutely love the hood man i soooooo want one of those. this car is def. a 10 rate me back i need some feedback

Sweet ride bro

I Love ur car man. Blue is my favorite color, cant wait till paint mine. So far and I mean so far the best SRT-4 Ive EVER SEEN! Rate U a 10 for all the hard work Uve done to ur car. Much respect and keep doin wat ur doin.

by far one of the best ive ever seen man. good work bro

Very nice indeed. I liked the original eyelids though. 10

Sick bro, the led halos make this car look so much better

nice bro.. where can i get the carbon finder at? or i was thinking of flat black?
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