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Car: 2003 SRT-4
Performance: Mopar Stage 1 Turbo Kit, JMB 3" Cold Air Intake, Walbro Fuel Pump, Granatelli Coil & Spark Plug Wires, NGK Spark Plugs, Hondata Heat Shield Intake Manifold Gasket, E-Blue JMB Battery Tray Style Oil Catch Can, Massive Solid Engine & Transmission Mounts, MPX High Strength Motor Mount Bolts/Bolts not installed yet, Stillen Cross Drilled & Slotted Front Rotors W/Metal Metrix Brake Pads, RotorWorks Cross Drilled & Slotted Rear Rotors W/Pads...
About Me: My SRT-4 is a daily driver slowly turning into a fast and all out track car with style...that will one day..be UNLESHD!
Style: Shadow Enterprises-Dark Black Window Tint, Chrome Fuel Injector Cover, Chrome Version 1 LED Halo Projector Headlights
Views: 4014
Score: 51 Points from 8 votes = 6

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Gender: Male
Occupation: Merchandiser
City: Vlathead Falley

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Hey what's up, sorry haven't logged in for a while, but yes it is nice to see another silver 03 srt-4, how much pounds are you boosting? i have problems here in my country to tune my srt because not much people here know how to, i have problems with boost, it only gives me like 12 psi but if i turn it up more i think it leaks but i cant find from where, do you know how to fix this prob?

all the balance shafts are is to off set the up and down motion caused by being a 4 cylinder. they are driven by a chain connected to a sprocket on the crank cut the chain pull it all out and button it back up and youre done!! is is cheap insurance for ANY SRT the tensioner is made of plastic!!

thanks man, and to answer your question i freaking love it one of the best things i have bought for my car!! as for the balance shafts, they are a must for every SRT cheap insurance so to say the tensioner on it is made of plastic...eff that!! its easy to also!! i gave you a 7 really clean SRT!!

thanks man..she is gettin there...

Hey man, thanks for the 10. Your ride is looking pretty nice as well man. You still got alot that you can do tho, not saying mine is maxed out but. Its actually kind of cool where your at. Because you can go anyway from there. What are your goals? Oh and the WOTBOX/wStep2 has to be one of my fav mods i have done. There is nothing like WOT shifting and the launch is amazing. You really should think about investing in one.

yea i actually have a buddy that was looking for a silver one ill email him a link to this page..do you have a myspace or anything?

thanks man..well you CAN put it on stock but i highly do not recommend it lol what i was told you had to have different compression ratio lower actually so i actually bought a engine rebuild kit from modern performance here in houston,tx than i was able to slap it on there..it cost me around 500 for the manifold and it defientaly gave me huge hp gains but i have never dynoed my car so i dont know exactally how much it gave me..it was estimated 25-40 hp that was without the 68mm ported TB on there..clean whip man i give it a 9 needs intake lol

Thanks on the vote as well lol. Yeah the owner's name is Justin and he is awesome to work with, he is out of the St. Louis, Missouri area, Festus, Missouri to be exact. The lightweight battery isn't more powerful it's more a size thing to accomodate the Ultimate CAI. I have had mine for over a year now and have had maybe one issue starting up but it was like -15 below zero and I left it outside. If you need any other info on JMB just let me know. Other than that, take it easy and stay in touch. Do you happen to be on Cardomain as well?

Oh man that sucks on the acount but it happens. Congrats on the new clutch addition it will come in handy as you continue to add HP and TQ. I love my JMB CAI, awesome quality and support plus the fact he is a good friend of mine lol! Nothing really new on the SRT, other than a custom powdercoated fusebox cover compliments of JMB, I will try and post up a pic of it sometime soon. Anyway keep in touch bro!
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