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Car: sRt-4
Performance: agp fmic, aem intake, agp wastegate, act clutch, full 3"in. exhaust with cut out, eibach prokit springs, turbo xs rfl bov, vis cfh, led smoked tail lights, smoked head lights, carbon fiber eye lids, agp 50trim kit on the way
About Me: i love neons,had a 96,02 and i had to get a srt4 :) oh dislikes hmmm... v8 guys that talk s*it
Style: carbon fiber on grey
Views: 2544
Score: 111 Points from 19 votes = 5

My Brief Profile
Gender: Male
Occupation: armored transportation
City: edinburg

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i have had my car for two years now had it stock for a long time still pretty much do but just with a bit of mods, best Qtr. time was a 13.4 on slicks, 13.7 on street tires

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Get some more pics. Gave you a 8 cuz i like the color scheme lol. Go rate mine.

real clean srt4 dude love tha drop on it clean set up gave u a 10* rate minez when u have a chance thanks dude

rate mine..i gave you an 8

ha f*ck no. i have been there a year and a half. i just had an interview a week ago at a chemical monitoring company. so hopefully i'll get that.

haha you're a bank teller? me too. how do you like it?

nice srt give u a 8 rate my ride

nice srt give u a 8 rate my ride

sweet ride man..nicely dropped on sprayed wheels

thats sweet...yeah on my mustang i did them on my own too and they came out great...ill prob be doing that within a few weeks

did you do your wheels yourself or did you get them powder coated?
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